We offer our clients a selection of printing inks -- plastisol, water-based and discharge. Each has its specific use and feel. 


Plastisol inks are most commonly used in the screen printing industry. Plastisol is an oil based ink with a textured hand to the feel commonly used to produce opaque graphics on dark apparel. Many additives and reducers can be used with plastisol inks to change its form and texture. Once cured plastisol ink sits atop the fabric versus soaking into it, producing its raised and plasticized texture.


Water-based inks penetrate the fabric to create a soft feel. Ideally, water-based inks are used to print darker colors on lighter garments. Water-based inks resist friction and becomes married into the thread. Plus, its eco-friendly! 


Discharge inks is used to print lighter colors in dark fabrics. This is done by a bleaching agent that removes the dye of the fabric also producing a soft feel. Perfect for distressed prints and under-basing dark garments and it's eco-friendly. 


Color Matching is not an exact science and we do not guarantee color matching. Color matching is an art/science that aims to match colors specifically to colors already in use or previously used. Added costs goes into this process along with more time. If you would like a color that we do not carry, please discuss this with us. Many factors come into play with color matching including garment color, base color, and the fabric itself. We can only try! 


Specialty Inks and additives are available at extra cost and with higher minimums. Feel free to inquire about glitter inks, puff additives, glow in the dark inks etc.